Children and young people

Educational psychologists who are chartered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and registered with the Health Professionals Council (HPC) are specially trained to understand the development and developmental needs of children and young people. At Ridgeway Psychology, we pride ourselves on our experience and expertise and draw upon skills and experience to create a friendly and supportive environment within which assessments and/or consultations are undertaken.
Educational psychologists are trained to work with all ages. We accept referrals from parents, schools, Social Services, medical professionals, insurance companies to mention a few. We are able to liaise with all professionals, if necessary.

Adults at university

Psychologists at Ridgeway Psychology welcome referrals from universities and university students. We have very high levels of experience working with universities and students and all our reports are acceptable for a variety of purposes, including support within university and for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). Our aim is to assist you as the student to achieve your potential and the levels of success that you have set for yourself. All our reports are easy to read and packed full of recommendations and strategies to assist you overcome any barrier to learning that you are experiencing and move you into a more successful learning zone.

Adults at work

We welcome referrals from adults within the workplace and/or their employer/ organisation. We are highly experienced and successful in assisting adults within the workplace to achieve the levels of satisfaction and success that they know lie within them. All our reports are easy to read and contain relevant strategies and advice to assist you in your occupational role. We always produce two reports; a detailed, confidential report is sent to you as the individual and a summary report is provided for the employer/organisation. Both sets of reports contain identical recommendations. However, any confidential information is removed from the employer’s report. We are here to help you overcome any difficulties and move you forward.


We welcome referrals from members of the legal profession, particularly in relation to criminal proceedings and personal injuries. Please contact us to discuss your referral in more detail.