Psychologists at Ridgeway Psychology use the most up to date psychometric assessments. All psychologists are highly experienced in interpreting psychometric information and ensuring that the client fully understands their profile in order to assist them find their higher ground. All our psychologists are fully qualified to administer psychometric assessments.

Cognitive assessment

Psychologists at Ridgeway Psychology are trained and experienced to administer cognitive assessments to assist them identify our clients’ cognitive profile of strengths and weaknesses. Based upon the data, the psychologist will work with the client to ensure they understand their strengths and weaknesses in relation to their reason for referral. Feedback from clients indicates significant levels of satisfaction with the service and many people comment upon feeling enlightened and relieved “of their burden”.

Personality profiles

Our psychologists are trained to administer a variety of psychometric assessments to assist the client and/or the referring organisation to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their personality. Our psychologists will ensure that clients receive the very best advice and suggestions to maximise their potential. We welcome enquiries regarding a wide range of psychometric assessments that are available to suit your needs.

Therapeutic interventions

Psychologists at Ridgeway Psychology all have a range of experience and expertise in relation to supporting their clients to feel inspired to find their higher ground. In addition to psychological practices and experience, our psychologists can call upon additional training, for example, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), in addition to offering hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Our philosophy here at Ridgeway Psychology is to assist you to feel inspired and motivated to overcome barriers using solution-focused therapeutic interventions. We promote a friendly yet professional and confidential environment.

Frameworks of Practice

Psychologists at Ridgeway Psychology are constantly seeking to ensure that clients receive the highest level of service. Subsequently, we try to establish frameworks within which to operate. One such framework is RADAR ©.

Review – the psychologist and client review the current situation and the reason(s) for referral.

Assess – the client’s strengths and weaknesses or problem situation(s) are assessed using a variety of psychological techniques or assessment batteries.

Discover – together with the psychologist, the client discovers new avenues/strategies/ techniques to use to address the reason(s) for referral.

Apply – the client is supported to discover how to apply their new techniques/solutions to assist them address their reason(s) for referral.

Review – the client is encouraged to review their progress in relation to the original reason(s) for referral. This may or may not be with the psychologist, depending upon the client’s choice.