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Thanks for visiting our online store. Here you will find a range of products from Ridgeway Psychology designed to help you with a range of issues. The products are an excellent compliment to our psychological services and have also been designed to be used independently. If you need any help in deciding which is the right product for you, please feel free to get in touch for some advice.


£9.99 (including VAT and delivery*)

This product is designed to assist you to maximise your performance in exams by strengthening your confidence and reducing your levels of anxiety. By doing this, you will possess the confidence and inner strength to perform at an optimal level and improve your chances of high levels of success.

Michael Lane has called upon his extensive experience of working with students and listening to their issues and fears about exams. He has drawn upon his knowledge of ‘tried and tested’ applications of psychology and integrated highly successful and highly regarded approaches including cognitive behavioural approaches and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).


£9.99 (including VAT and delivery*)

This product is designed to capture your natural resources, abilities and aptitude to support you in your revision, learning and retrieval of information in any exam situation. Cleverly crafting combinations of psychology together, Michael Lane will help you change the way you approach revision and guide you to install a near fail-safe ability to retain and retrieve information in your mind. Oozing with confidence and skills, you will soar to new heights of learning and achieve excellent levels of success.


£9.99 (including VAT and delivery*)

Learn to excel in communicating with large groups of people – and to enjoy it! Michael Lane has worked with many people and harnessed successful applications of psychology to assist you to relax and engage your audience with confidence. Learn how to switch on your confidence and abilities to control your audience in an instant, access superb levels of engagement and inspire your listeners with your knowledge and communication.


£9.99 (including VAT and delivery*)

Working and studying with people inevitably leads to some people feeling undervalued or at worst, bullied and victimized. This combination of evidenced-based ‘tried and tested’ psychological strategies will empower you to firmly assert yourself in situations without losing control. Hear how Michael Lane expertly guides you in how to harness your inner strengths and resources to deal assertively and confidently with people. Learn how to banish feelings of inferiority with authority and achieve your desired outcomes